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Whether you love or hate them, there’s no denying that the Dungeon Hunter series has become a staple in the mobile Action-RPG genre. It’s popularity stemming from a long running franchise that started in the very early stages of iOS/Android gaming, and has evolved into a visual masterpiece. Gameloft is the developer behind the DH series, which of course means freemium (as were all previous installments), but that isn’t always the end of the world — so long as the game is still playable without spending cash on energy or something ridiculous like that.  Gun Mayhem

The first thing I said about this game is “wow, it looks great” — which is the first thing I usually say  game. Alas, first impressions are not always on point, as would be the case here. I won’t deny that the game has gorgeous visuals, but only when everything is working properly. I know the game was just released, but there are many graphical errors I’ve already encountered while playing. The most common would be giant solid colored squares that appear briefly when certain actions are being executed, but there are some more major ones such as your character falling through the map, and forcing you to restart the level. One time, I had just completed a level, and the screen slowly faded to black, but then it just sat there with the music playing until I eventually restarted and lost my progress. Can Your Pet

Bugs and glitches aside, I really appreciated the variety you encountered from one campaign mission to the next. Each one had it’s own individual layout, and there are actually a lot of unique environments as well — so it doesn’t feel like you’re playing through one large area every 5 – 10 campaign missions, but rather something brand new every time. The characters and monsters look great, as well as the attack animations and the many abilities you can acquire and execute. I did have some frustrating lag spikes when a lot of combat with multiple enemies was taking place, but the game seemed to preform much better on iOS than Android. I was using a Note 4 and an Air 2 which also might have been the difference, but the lag was certainly frustrating on a device that is pretty new and should be more than capable. Free online game

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