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Tower dwellers is a game of NPH goalkeeper Noodlecake Games. This game system owned barracks, the support is quite diverse. Players must calculate the logical step upgrade in stages to ensure no to anyone who passes through this way.

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With 3D graphics, the game gives the player a feeling of closeness with quality friendly mat.Nhiem extremely beautiful in your case that's Tower dwellers protect the safety of the villagers through 11 stages, the there are numerous players other tasks to do such as gold mining, tunneling and countless other exciting game modes.

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Tower Dwellers

New releases in the last two decades of the Blizzard, excluding the new part of the legendary series like StarCraft or Diablo, really is something new, even though the characters themselves have a definition of what Overwatch that too familiar to fans of Blizzard: Reinhardt correct a Barbarian style, strong, great, guy Soldier: 76 and she Mercy is like the duo Marine and Medic in StarCraft.

Not to mention the skills Roadhog exactly Butcher, or Bastion like a funny version of Siege Tank loves nature.
And then the players just want more, want more, not stopping at number 21 as the current character. Players always want to have the new characters, the storyline mission to learn more about the characters in the game. That probably, rightfully Project Titan into Overwatch Blizzard made the outset, has been sitting on piles of cash while already. Whether it's a MOBA game, taking essential skills, but success comes from Overwatch it was created to be for everyone.
Just playing is like, and there are classes for anyone. If you like to play Call of Duty, Soldier: 76 are ready for you to pick. The gunner in the Destiny'll be happy with the Widowmaker, and those who love Quake trot? Do not hesitate to pick salad Pharah enemy squad. The game itself also makes people feel happy.

Why? Just deal damage to the enemy, and they were defeated, this is counted as elimination to all gamers "contributions". No index kill as before, nor have the time irritability by teammate "suit" their networks. Can you knock out less, but still has 20 30 Last game elimination, which is normal. "Win win situation", everyone is happy, no one bothered him at all. End of the game to see the highlight and eagerly entered the new game.

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