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With The Division‘s Update 1.1 patch releasing tomorrow, April 12, Ubisoft Massive has decided to give fans a taste of all that will be available in the game once the free materials finally go live by showing the features off in a highly stylized trailer. The developer’s video is slickly produced, advertising that would-be Agents are set to experience much more than just a patch, but a full-fledged adventure with The Division‘s next update.Free Online Games

While Ubisoft is pretty straightforward with the video’s title, calling it “Update 1.1: Incursions,” the studio seemingly pulled out all the stops with the trailer’s development by including explosive cinematic elements, as well as some teaser bits of gameplay from the title’s cooperative mission known as the Falcon Lost Incursion. Not to mention, in addition to featuring the aforementioned raid-like activity, The Division footage also reveals how loot trading in between teammates will operate, what Daily and Weekly Assignments will look like, and how Dark Zone supply drops are going to work.Perhaps most tantalizing, though, is the trailer’s brief focus on the update’s new gear sets and exotic weapons. According to the video below, Falcon Lost and future Incursions will bring about a lot of unique loot and weaponry, with fans being able to try out different gameplay styles to find out which loadouts will work best for them. If the trailer is to be believed, Update 1.1 will apparently include such sets as Tactician’s Authority for Support-based players,
 Path of the Nomad for Survivalists, Sentry’s Call for Snipers, and Striker’s Battle Gear for tank build characters.Gun Mayhem
hough the trailer for The Division‘s Incursions Update contained a large amount of information, some details for the Update 1.1 patch weren’t covered. For instance, the gear score leveling system wasn’t mentioned, nor were the increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items. Nevertheless, it would have been hard for Ubisoft to have conveyed such additions and made them look interesting among all of the other action-based components of the trailer. However, a siAltmple allusion to the guarantee of high-end loot drops for killing NPCs over Level 30 in the video would have excited fans who weren’t aware of it being added as a feature.For those fans of The Division anxiously awaiting Update 1.1’s release, the weekly maintenance downtime will include the patch’s 4.7 GB download, and it’s scheduled to begin at 12:00am PDT on Tuesday, concluding afte

r approximately three hours. Prior to that, Agents would do well to start honing their skills, as it’s being reported that Falcon Lost has a difficulty so hard that even its developers can’t beat it.What did you think about The Division‘s Incursions trailer? Did it get you excited for tomorrow’s update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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