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Do you have any idea about Platform Racing 2? Is it a name of a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the first two options, then you are totally wrong. It is actually an example of a flash game. As you will notice with the title, it can give you a hint that it has something to do with racing. It is quite a unique one because it doesn’t involved any vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles which are the usual things that come to our minds whenever we hear the word racing.

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The main character in Platform Racing 2 is a person which you can customize in any way or look you want. As the player, you will have to guide your character in passing through different platforms without being harmed or hurt by the enemies and obstacles presented in the game. The controls are very easy to handle such as letter D for running on the right side, letter A for running on the left side, letter W for jumping and letter S for super jump. Spacebar is use for picking and utilizing an item. There will be more details that you can 

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Platform Racing 2

Paper Defense is a shooting and action game. Your goal is to protect your base from the enemies by putting up guns; you have to defend your trophy. At the beginning of the game, you can choose Start Game wherein you have to survive fifty waves of enemy attacks, or Survival. Free Online Games

If this is the first time you will play Paper Defense, you should take the tutorial. You will expand your base by connecting different types of walls which give you different types of bonuses. You have to earn cash to be able to expand and put up your defenses. You earn by killing enemies. At the upper left corner, you will find how much you earned, and how much life is left to your trophy. Paper Defense is a strategy game between defenses and resources. It is a hard game but it is fun to play.

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Paper Defense

If there is one tough job which is dangerous and hard to pull through, it will be the one pertaining to a soldier. Beside the education and training that one needs to undergo in becoming a recruit, the most difficult part is the sacrifice that one needs to endure in order to serve his or her country or nation. There will be times that he or she will be in near danger while there will also be times that he or she will be in great emotional swing that involves sadness, longingness and being homesick. Endless War 3 which is the main topic in this article will let you have a glimpse of a soldier’s journey in a virtual medium

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This is the third installment from the game series Endless Wars which is developed by Vitaly Zaborov. This is a shooting game that requires strategies and planning. The player will have to think before making an action. One should be patient and efficient. There are four campaigns that you can enjoy such as Iraq War, WW2- Pacific Ocean, WW3- Humans and WW3- Mutants. If you are planning to become a soldier someday, you should play 

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Endless War 3

There are moments in our life that people bully us and degrade us in any way possible. The first reaction that we usually feel is to get revenge towards that particular person but conscience will kick in and will opt not to do so because it is a bad thing to do.

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 In our lives, sometimes we need a break from all the stress as well as way of releasing all our anger and frustrations. If you are looking for a medium or way to relax and unwind, you can try playing flash games online. In fact, there is one game that’s particular which will let you release and get revenge in a virtual way. It is entitled Skull Kid.

If you are experiencing stress, this game is prefect for you. This is all about getting revenge to people who have done something wrong to you. The set up or the environment is the office. You will play as a former worker of an office who has been fired. You will get revenge to your former office mates in a destructive and violent way you can think of. The last part is about getting revenge towards your former boss. You can release all your frustrations and anger by violently destroying his office and hurting him in any way you like.

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Skull Kid

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One way or another, some or maybe most of us are familiar with Ben 10. He is a popular cartoon character who turns into different forms due to his super wrist watch. There are two facts that explains why Ben 10 is a popular and an interesting cartoon character.
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 One is because he is a boy, which connotes that heroes are not only related or can be achieved by adults but also by kids or boys and girls. Second is because of the transformation he is able to execute at any given time and circumstances. There is no doubt that there is an existing flash game with Ben 10 as the main character. The title of the flash game is Ben 10 Upchuck.

The player’s mission in this game is simple. He or she has to guide Ben 10 throughout the adventures he will go or face. The main goal is to transform Ben 10 as Upchuck, which is an alien, and find the King of Forever Knights and eventually defeat him. This is perfect for adventure seeker and gamers who love action.

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Play the popular character in Ben 10 Upchuck

Are you familiar with the song Wrecking Ball? It is the famous song by Miley Cyrus where she is riding a wrecking ball in the music video.Free online game,

Maybe you are asking what is the relation of this song to the topic at hand. Well, the relation is all about the word “wreck” which is the main objective in the flash game called Demologic 2. This flash game is all about destroying certain stuffs to earn points and high score. You can visit the official website of this game or continue skimming and scanning this article to be more familiar with Demologic 2.

As a player, you will have to ride a truck with a wrecking ball. Your objective is to destroy as many objects as you can by swinging the wrecking ball towards different direction. The more destruction you make, the higher the points you will earn. This game is a matter of timing so make sure you properly and timely swing the wrecking ball.

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Demologic 2

Vehicles such as trucks, police car and ambulance are very useful in the society. These three have distinct purposes in the community. Fire Trucks are used to eliminate fires in different places or part of the city or town. Police Cars are used to maintain peace and order. Ambulance are used to save lives anytime and anywhere. There is no wonder that there are flash games focusing with these mentioned vehicles. In fact, this article is about Vehicles 4

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As you can see, there is a number in the game title because of a distinct reason. This game is actually a part of the series Vehicles. The objective is still the same which is to push, bump or crush the bad black cars out of the way. The three mentioned vehicles have specific powers or abilities in this game. The fire truck has a reactive engine ability. The police car can make an instant u-turn. The ambulance has a reactive jump ability. The players will have to utilize the powers of these cars in order to finish all 35 levels. If you are interested in playing this game, you can simply search for Vehicles 4 through numerous gaming websites.

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Vehicles 4

Adventure games are becoming popular among gamers around the world because of three reasons. 

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First is because of the fact that they give people or gamers the chance to be a place where they can be or do whatever they want to be or do. Second is because of the challenge that they give to players that will test their patience and capabilities. 

Last is because of the excitement and thrill that they expose as they play along in the game.

Journeys of Reemus 3 is a good example which is the third installment from the flash game series called Journeys of Reemus. The main character in this game is called Reemus which is an old bearded man. He has a friend who is his company in all the adventures that he engages on which is named Liam. In this third edition, your goal as the player is to help the two characters survive the platform and the dangers lurking on it until they reach the end where they will be able to discover the past and origin of the alien enemy. Try your best to control and guide the characters to be successful in this game.

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Reemus 3

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Whether you love or hate them, there’s no denying that the Dungeon Hunter series has become a staple in the mobile Action-RPG genre. It’s popularity stemming from a long running franchise that started in the very early stages of iOS/Android gaming, and has evolved into a visual masterpiece. Gameloft is the developer behind the DH series, which of course means freemium (as were all previous installments), but that isn’t always the end of the world — so long as the game is still playable without spending cash on energy or something ridiculous like that.  Gun Mayhem

The first thing I said about this game is “wow, it looks great” — which is the first thing I usually say  game. Alas, first impressions are not always on point, as would be the case here. I won’t deny that the game has gorgeous visuals, but only when everything is working properly. I know the game was just released, but there are many graphical errors I’ve already encountered while playing. The most common would be giant solid colored squares that appear briefly when certain actions are being executed, but there are some more major ones such as your character falling through the map, and forcing you to restart the level. One time, I had just completed a level, and the screen slowly faded to black, but then it just sat there with the music playing until I eventually restarted and lost my progress. Can Your Pet

Bugs and glitches aside, I really appreciated the variety you encountered from one campaign mission to the next. Each one had it’s own individual layout, and there are actually a lot of unique environments as well — so it doesn’t feel like you’re playing through one large area every 5 – 10 campaign missions, but rather something brand new every time. The characters and monsters look great, as well as the attack animations and the many abilities you can acquire and execute. I did have some frustrating lag spikes when a lot of combat with multiple enemies was taking place, but the game seemed to preform much better on iOS than Android. I was using a Note 4 and an Air 2 which also might have been the difference, but the lag was certainly frustrating on a device that is pretty new and should be more than capable. Free online game

Dungeon Hunter 5 Review

in this addictive game you’ll see a world of flesh eating dragons, greedy pirates and fierce warriors on a mission to take what they need. 

In Dragon Kingdom you try to build your own kingdom and be the best that you can be. You start the game by naming the hero and selecting the portrait before embarking upon the creation of the kingdom. 


This is a deep intensified game, but you’ll learn the ropes of the game easily through a tutorial that guides you through everything that you need to know and rewards handsomely for the efforts that you put in. Even after the game tutorial is over, the hints will pop up now to assist you with your next move from time to time or explain new events and game mechanics.

Dragon Kingdom would have been very complex without such  so it is an awesome tool to embrace the depth of the game. As a king, it’s your duty to construct the buildings like lumber mill and farmhouse to help the community to grow.

The community maintains the balance of resources like wood and ore that lets you to build things and upgrade the buildings in progress. The game is structured in a nice fashion with quests that are easily accessed through the game’s Quest Menu.

In the game, you see the tasks that are laid in front of you along with the rewards that you can earn by completing them. Completing the quests is simple and easy and rewards or incentives are too good.

When you have cultivated resources like trees and fish, you can start exploring warriors and heroes to defend the kingdom or strike out the enemies. 

With the game’s intuitive battle menu, it’s easy to size up the chances against enemies by upgrading the equipment and skills. Even you can level up the king and enjoy the benefits of the same.

The game offers incentives that are really helpful; as well there is a collection of items that can be enjoyed. Other prominent features of the game is daily quiz help that lets you learn about the game features, while giving accolades for answering the questions correctly about the game.

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Dragon Kingdom

Sneaky Dex
Help robot named Dex to get through all the obstacles, pick a key and get to the goal. It certainly will not be an easy job.
The robot, which is strikingly similar to Bender, trying to get to the finish. Gun Mayhem

This involves not only a lot of jumping, but also the involvement of the brain. The key that is needed to open the portal, hiding behind obstacles and doors that you have to open the exact timing and using surrounding objects. Hilarious games.

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Sneaky Dex

After getting all the red amulets and talismans 2 blue, 2 teams both had a fight in the forest Sesame Ice team. Fire is the team get the advantage when Jayce get title shot Triple kill in this fight. As expected, because of the extra 1 per team member to the challenge of fighting often takes place with dizzying speed. Ice team played quite well thanks to the odd heap of Madlife pretty good. Fighting broke out in the area near the midline, more than half of the Fire squad defeated, defeated Ice Baron opportunity and that means always Elise Diamond defeated when he tried to rob Baron teammates. Gun Mayhem

slowed down for a few minutes, but then made a mistake in QTV 28 minutes led Fire lost 4 members and the 2nd Baron played into the hands of the Ice. The gap in equipment and levels, Ice decided to push straight defeat five members of the Fire and destroy the enemy Nexus 31 minutes in a well-deserved victory for the Ice.

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Star Baron

With The Division‘s Update 1.1 patch releasing tomorrow, April 12, Ubisoft Massive has decided to give fans a taste of all that will be available in the game once the free materials finally go live by showing the features off in a highly stylized trailer. The developer’s video is slickly produced, advertising that would-be Agents are set to experience much more than just a patch, but a full-fledged adventure with The Division‘s next update.Free Online Games

While Ubisoft is pretty straightforward with the video’s title, calling it “Update 1.1: Incursions,” the studio seemingly pulled out all the stops with the trailer’s development by including explosive cinematic elements, as well as some teaser bits of gameplay from the title’s cooperative mission known as the Falcon Lost Incursion. Not to mention, in addition to featuring the aforementioned raid-like activity, The Division footage also reveals how loot trading in between teammates will operate, what Daily and Weekly Assignments will look like, and how Dark Zone supply drops are going to work.Perhaps most tantalizing, though, is the trailer’s brief focus on the update’s new gear sets and exotic weapons. According to the video below, Falcon Lost and future Incursions will bring about a lot of unique loot and weaponry, with fans being able to try out different gameplay styles to find out which loadouts will work best for them. If the trailer is to be believed, Update 1.1 will apparently include such sets as Tactician’s Authority for Support-based players,
 Path of the Nomad for Survivalists, Sentry’s Call for Snipers, and Striker’s Battle Gear for tank build characters.Gun Mayhem
hough the trailer for The Division‘s Incursions Update contained a large amount of information, some details for the Update 1.1 patch weren’t covered. For instance, the gear score leveling system wasn’t mentioned, nor were the increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items. Nevertheless, it would have been hard for Ubisoft to have conveyed such additions and made them look interesting among all of the other action-based components of the trailer. However, a siAltmple allusion to the guarantee of high-end loot drops for killing NPCs over Level 30 in the video would have excited fans who weren’t aware of it being added as a feature.For those fans of The Division anxiously awaiting Update 1.1’s release, the weekly maintenance downtime will include the patch’s 4.7 GB download, and it’s scheduled to begin at 12:00am PDT on Tuesday, concluding afte

r approximately three hours. Prior to that, Agents would do well to start honing their skills, as it’s being reported that Falcon Lost has a difficulty so hard that even its developers can’t beat it.What did you think about The Division‘s Incursions trailer? Did it get you excited for tomorrow’s update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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The Division

There are three factors that support the facts that the Vehicles flash game series is a big hit among players around the world. First is the entertainment factor where the designs and graphics are very pleasant which corresponds to the characters. Free Online Games

Second factor is the uniqueness because it enables a player enjoy a game where vehicles and puzzle blend really well. Last factor is the continuity pertaining to levels and the fact that it is a series. This article is solely focused on the third installment which is called Vehicles 3.

Since this is already the third edition from the series, one can expect greater and better changes in the game. The story of this game is that the bad vehicles are invading the city again and as a responsible vehicles, the municipal vehicles are trying their best to eliminate the invaders. The objective is to bump or crush bad vehicles by using the municipal vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance and police car. You will surely enjoy this third installment because of the 36 exciting levels that it has.

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Vehicles 3

owel Physics Tower Defense is a strategy computer game online. Your bowel is full of germs. Those germs crawl from top to the bottom. Your ultimate goal is to shoot those bacteria before they invade and scatter all over your body. Before you click the START, you must place some towers in a strategic place outside your bowel. Free Online Games

Choose from the towers available on your screen.
pgrade your tower to kill germs because some of them are heavy and cannot be destroyed easily. Use your intelligence and best strategy you know in positioning the best tower of your choice. After putting your available towers, click START then watch how they kill every group of those invading army of viruses. This is one of the best tower defense games there is. After playing this game, you will surely recommend this to your friend.

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Bowel Physics Tower Defense

Bubble Shooter 2 is the second installment from the flash game series called Bubble Shooter. This series has been very successful because of the action and gameplay it presents to many people or gamers. There are two more reasons why it is loved by players around the world. First is because it is a simple but child-friendly shooting game. Unlike others, it serves simple graphics which are not harmful to anyone at all. Second reason is because it is exciting due to its gameplay which is nerve-wracking as you play the game continuously. Continue reading the second paragraph for more explanation about the game presented in this article.  Free Online Games

Even if it is already the second installment, many gamers can expect that the excitement will be leveled up and improved. The changes pertain to gameplay and graphics to make it more attractive and refreshing. The goal is still the same which is to pop the colored bubbles according to their colors. Make sure that they are color coordinated to eliminate them in the game screen. There are no rounds in this game which means it will depend on your continuation of play. Its main website is

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Bubble Shooter 2

Do you have an idea about Duck Life World? Is it a type of club about sports? Is it a title of a television series or a movie? Or answer pertains to the last option or choice, you are totally right. Duck Life World is not only a flashr is it an example of a flash game? If you game but a compilation too. This contains a series of games which are all related to each other making it a great game series. Obviously, this is about a duck which will take part on an adventure in different environment.Free Online Games

Duck Life World is a compilation of great games. The story of the game that will eventually evolve as the series progresses starts when a player who owns a farm was devastated due to the fact that a tornado has demolished all his belongings and properties leaving him a single duck egg. In order to regain all his fortune, he must take good care of the egg until it hatches. Train it to become the greatest duck ever. There are five editions which you can find in this compilation. They are Duck Life 1 to 5. Search it now and enjoy!

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Duck Life

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Strategy games are becoming more popular nowadays because of the level and kind of entertainment they bring to gamers around the world. There are two main reasons why it is slowly but surely getting your attention and others as well. First is because of the challenge it presents which really tests one’s capabilities in certain aspects of the gaming world. Second is because of the fact that it improves or enhances one’s ability to think efficient and correct. One good example of this game is the one called Star Baron.
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This is a strategy game setup in space which will surely get the attention of people who are passionate about the outer space. Your goal as the player of this game is to protect and develop your star system. You should build star ships and defense satellite while strategically defeating your opponent’s own star system. If you are successful enough, you will have a virtual income and a higher score.

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Star Baron

 third installment from the flash game series called Shift. This is the type of game series that incorporates a lot of shifting between dimensions which is quite interesting and disorienting at the same time. It is interesting because of the involvement of the shift key which is integral to be successful in the game. It is also disorienting due to the fact that there will be platforms and levels where the setup is upside down which is also confusing. Your goal as the player in this game is to control Mr. Shift in his third adventure.Free Online Games

will have to contrYou ol and navigate him until he reaches the next door towards the next level. But doing this maybe easy for some levels but there are others that you need to use the shift key before you can actually move forward. If you want to play this game, you can simply search for it online now!

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Shift 3 walkthrough

Help Sneaky Dex find his way out
SHARESIf you love solving puzzle games and you are fond of playing strategy games, yu will surely enjoy playing Sneaky Dex. It is a flash game with a futuristic concept. It is a puzzle game that involves strategies. The main character is Dex, a sneaky robot. Help Sneaky Dex find the keys to the portals to level up. Collect all the coins too for an excellent grade.Free Online Games

And when you get forty coins, you can have access to the vault. Use the arrow keys to control Sneaky Dex; right and left arrows to go right or left, up arrow to jump and down arrow to pick up or put down an item. You can only hold one item at a time. Press space bar to throw away the item you are holding. Sneaky Dex is a fun and adventure game. It is a simple game but addicting.

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Help Sneaky Dex find his way out

Pros and cons
Pros- It is a rich game involving RPG, strategy and tycoon elements. A lengthy tutorial is provided to get you familiar with the game.
Cons- The music of the game is atrocious. It is a multiplayer nd for some inexplicable reason achievements of other players pop out and block your view.

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Dragon Kingdom is an online game produced by X6 game; it is one of the top notch mobile game developers in China founded in 2005, dedicated for the development of the mobile games. 

This eye catching game was unveiled in the ChinaJoy and it attracted hordes of players, either because of the perfect quality or real war like experience. It clearly shows that X6 game has a deep experience in phone game market research and development.

Pros and cons

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