Pet Shop story is a unique online game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.
Pet Shop story is free to play, but you can buy items in applications with real money. To remove this feature on your phone in the menu settings-> General-> restrictions option. You can then simply turn off the in-application purchase under "permission" content. In addition, Pet Shop story can link with the social media services like Facebook, and will have a Storm8 access your information through such services.

Run your pet store is great fun with these features:
-Meet the neighbors and make friends. Visit the pet shop she and meet their pets!
-Crisp graphics and stunning animations
-Invite your Facebook friends or Storm8 to play with you
-Updated Free downloads with the new pets, decorate and husbandry combined!
-Absolutely do not clean up or doggy bags required! The good pet!
Create a pet store like no other! Build a place for all the lovely favorite pets to share with your friends!

-Your OWN love dogs, cats, birds and other pets!
-The new pet design of CROSS-breeding to your collection!
-There are puppies, kitties and cutest chicks! Feed the babies and see their unique looks.
-Build and upgrade the living environment! Design a Pet Shop is fun for the animals and for you!
-Complete the goal to satisfy your clients and win prizes

Mix and match with your pet to do the same for your own design.

Pug + Chihuahua = Chug!
Labrador + poodle = Labradoodle!
Bengal + short hair = Toyger!
Pet Shop story is the best looking free pet games for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
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Pet Shop Story™

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=>>Games Done Quick

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Games Done Quick during the past few years is an event that attracts a lot of attention of the community where gamers by converging the best players in many games from many different genres. They came to exchange and simultaneously express their Ultimate skills in the completion of the game in the shortest possible time, and viewers watched the excited if we can raise some money for the program works to raise charitable funds created to serve the purposes of relief, care of the disabled worldwide.
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As usual, the program Summer Games Done Quick bearing the name: Summer Games Done Quick has started opening today 4/7, opens with a title of the season has the hottest topic of the year, which Super Mario Sunshine is. Then, the screen will turn Speedrun ongoing until the end of the day 9/7.
Organizers said this year's program will introduce a lot of games from the new and old with a few examples, such as Super Mario Maker, Fallout 4, Metroid Prime, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Demon's Souls, Typing of the Dead, Pepsiman ... so whether the type whatsoever gamer, you will surely find a suitable performances with their own interests.

On the show last season, Games Done Quick earned huge donation amount up to $ 1.2 million (equivalent to 26.7 billion) for the organization of cancer prevention. As for this summer event, proceeds from the community will be given to Doctors Without Borders - an organization dedicated to providing physicians free medical services for the poor countries or is there war.

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Games Done Quick

Tower dwellers is a game of NPH goalkeeper Noodlecake Games. This game system owned barracks, the support is quite diverse. Players must calculate the logical step upgrade in stages to ensure no to anyone who passes through this way.

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With 3D graphics, the game gives the player a feeling of closeness with quality friendly mat.Nhiem extremely beautiful in your case that's Tower dwellers protect the safety of the villagers through 11 stages, the there are numerous players other tasks to do such as gold mining, tunneling and countless other exciting game modes.

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Tower Dwellers

New releases in the last two decades of the Blizzard, excluding the new part of the legendary series like StarCraft or Diablo, really is something new, even though the characters themselves have a definition of what Overwatch that too familiar to fans of Blizzard: Reinhardt correct a Barbarian style, strong, great, guy Soldier: 76 and she Mercy is like the duo Marine and Medic in StarCraft.

Not to mention the skills Roadhog exactly Butcher, or Bastion like a funny version of Siege Tank loves nature.
And then the players just want more, want more, not stopping at number 21 as the current character. Players always want to have the new characters, the storyline mission to learn more about the characters in the game. That probably, rightfully Project Titan into Overwatch Blizzard made the outset, has been sitting on piles of cash while already. Whether it's a MOBA game, taking essential skills, but success comes from Overwatch it was created to be for everyone.
Just playing is like, and there are classes for anyone. If you like to play Call of Duty, Soldier: 76 are ready for you to pick. The gunner in the Destiny'll be happy with the Widowmaker, and those who love Quake trot? Do not hesitate to pick salad Pharah enemy squad. The game itself also makes people feel happy.

Why? Just deal damage to the enemy, and they were defeated, this is counted as elimination to all gamers "contributions". No index kill as before, nor have the time irritability by teammate "suit" their networks. Can you knock out less, but still has 20 30 Last game elimination, which is normal. "Win win situation", everyone is happy, no one bothered him at all. End of the game to see the highlight and eagerly entered the new game.

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Pirate king heard the name saw then is not it fascinating, yes this is the most attractive game action this year. When taking part in this game you will experience many exciting features and compelling services. Set in the middle of the ocean has specializes raging pirates intercepted the looting. Our island is a different treasure thousands more deeply. Download free game now to experience the light, all the games when you download the game for free, it will be completely offline!

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How to play this game pirate king is extremely difficult and somebody else is not simple at all where a. This game is similar to Angry Birds game, but instead it is the formidable pirate. So how to kill them this is difficult, but their names have not yet done so that you will do something that does not pass much does your right. Was recovered from the scene on a deserted island very attractive players from the first glance.

They are aggressive parrot occupied all the funny game free pirate king. Let's kill them to achieve a just peace offline. This game can keep you entertained after hours of hard work and struggle with difficult subjects. Wap game come to us you also get much more entertaining than a thousand times more. So join this popular dental community.

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Game King Pirates

Gun Mayhem 4 is a fun shooting game where the player has to fight off other opponents with different kinds of weapons that are available. It can be played both as a single player game against AI opponents or as a multiple player game with many friends. You can customize the looks of each player by clicking on the player and editing. The game can be played in the campaign mode or in the custom mode.


The number of players can be chosen as the first step of the game. Different characteristics of each player can be customized. Once a character is chosen, the characteristics can be edited by clicking on the edit player link below the character. Face, eyes, mouth, hands, shoe, hair, cap and few more attributes can be chosen. The attributes can be imported or shared over with friends. The player has to fight off different number of opponents in each case. Each of the players will get 5 lives and the players can use the special attacks to fight with the opponents. The buttons Z and X are used for this purpose.


This game can be played using the keys on the keyboard as controls.

–        Left arrow button helps you to move left
–        Right arrow button helps you to move right
–        Up arrow button helps you to jump up or over obstacles
–        Down arrow button will help you to shield yourself in case of an attack.

The buttons Z and X are used for attack 1 and attack 2. These special attacks are different on different games as the weapons also differ depending on the environment you choose. You can drop the weapon on to your opponents by clicking on the key ‘D’ on your keyboard.
It is possible to pause the game using a spacebar.

Play Now


There are a total of three zones zone1, zone 2 and zone 3. Each of these zones have different game environments.

Zone 1 –

Town Tussle – you have to fight against local bullies
Tribal trouble – you have to fight off the troubling monkeys and help the umbungo tribe
Farmageddon – you have to take out a greater number of foxes than the farmer
Grave situation – you have to fight against zombies in the graveyard.
More games may be unlocked as you proceed.

Zone 2 – Castle hassle, spaced out, shore booty, mansion melee are the environments you can choose freely at the start and more games can be unlocked later.

Castle hassle – you have to fight the enemies to help your battlement and defend the castle.
Spaced out – Fight for humanity against the invading aliens.
Shore booty – fight against pirates and get the treasure.
Mansion melee – investigate and fight the opponents in this variety of haunted mansion.
Zone 3 – lava palaver, scaffold scuffle, snow brawl, crate factory can be chosen when you play the game and more games will be available to you as you proceed.
Lava palaver – fight against lava monsters.

gun mayhem redux

Scaffold scuffle – shoo away the kids who have broken again into a construction site.
Snow brawl – defend yourself against the angry polar population
Crate factory – fight against the maintenance droids and stop them from ruining the weapon crates.
As you hover over the environment lists, you will get to see the details. Each of the games uses different weapons with which you will fight the opponents.

Gun Mayhem 4

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